Canon G1X Thoughts After Use

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Re: Has it problems but still the G1X is the best

toomanycanons wrote:

GeraldW wrote:


You make a good point. One I've been promoting on these forums. The G1x may be the best; but cameras like the G15, RX100, XZ-2, LX7, etc. deserve a better label than "point and shoot" - they are anything but. I was looking for a better label for them and came up with FLC for "Fixed Lens Camera"; analogous to ILC.

Of course, I expect you to sign on to this campaign and to start using FLC as if it were a done deal. If we can get a couple more to start using FLC we can change the nomenclature of fixed lens cameras. LOL!

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I'm kind of old skool. Point and shoot to me means a small sensor camera. That meant a 1/2.3 or at best a 1/1.7 sensor. As opposed to a DX/FX sized sensor. Point and shoot/DSLR. Things are a little blurred these days but with the size of the G1X's sensor it certainly is not a "point and shoot" by my definition.

However, the G15, P7100 et all are still P&S in my definition. I have a P7100 with its G15-sized sensor (actually, the same one) and it definitely works like a point and shoot. Great outdoors, sucks indoors, enough shutter and "write to card" lag that a guy might wish he had his DSLR with him instead, no matter how convenient the smallish camera in your hands might be.

Micro 4/3? That's another thread. In short, they are not point and shoots.

The G series cameras are professional compacts not point & shoots.

point & shoots are fully automatic small pocket size cameras,(to me anyway,just my view).

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