Sold my Panasonic 20mm for the 25mm WHAT A DIFFERENCE "wow"

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Re: There's actually not much difference...

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

SF Photo Gal wrote:

I was thinking about selling my 20mm when I got the 25, but kept it and still use it. The 25 is a better lens for a variety of reasons, but I wouldn't say it is noticeably sharper. For the size and bulk (not to mention the price), I would have hoped it had OIS.

SF Photo Gal aka Queer Chick

Yes OIS is useful even with fast lenses.

Yes it's strange that they made it so big and heavy without adding the OIS mechanism inside. Could be that OIS would have reduced the optical quality, which is not better than that of the 20 anyway.

The RX1 does not have any IS either.

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