MODIFIED Olympus FP-1 Power Flash Grip w/ FP-50R Flash for ALMOST ANY OLYMPIC Camera, OMD E-5, PEN

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MODIFIED Olympus FP-1 Power Flash Grip w/ FP-50R Flash for ALMOST ANY OLYMPIC Camera, OMD E-5, PEN

Purchased on Amazon

Opteka Remote Shutter Release Cord for Olympus EVOLT SP-510, SP-550, SP-560, SP-565, SP-570, SP-590, SP-800, E-620, E-600, E-520, E-510, E-450, E-420,


GSMRE Super Quality Professional Remote Switch Trigger compatible with Olympus E1, E10, E20, E20N, E100RS, E300, C8080, C7070, C5060 Cameras, Function

For a total of $11.94.

I cut off the remotes from both and most of the cable as you don't want it too long. I used a scissor and razor blade--not high tech!

A. For the E-1 style 3-pin connector, there are three wires: Blue, Red and White.

B. For the PEN style USB connector, there are three wires: Yellow, Red and White.


A. Blue to B. Yellow (Ground)

A. Red to B. White (Shutter)

A. White to B. Red. (Focus)

I then used from electrical tape and


to make a neat job of it.

Thus, I can use the shutter button on the FP-1--half press = focus, and full press = shutter.

I really did not need such a professional set-up, but for so little money, why not?

I bought the FP-1 on Ebay for $129 in great condition and it came with an aftermarket FL-CB02 cable for the flash and an original (and rare) RG-1 remote grip cable (worth more than aftermarket cable I cut up!).

I got the FL-50R flash in almost new condition, also on Ebay, for $210.

Plus I spent just under $20 more dollars on making the custom shutter cable. All in for about $360!

NOTE: I tried to use the CB-USB6 cable that came with my E-PM2. It has four wires and is wrapped in a ground wire (not three simple wires). I could not figure out how to make it work. I recommend not cutting it up and ordering the one I have listed above!

Also, make sure you plug the "A" 3-pin wire firmly (finesse, not force) as I wasted a lot of time wondering why the shutter release on the FP-1 would not work.

For more info, look here:

And read through: Oh how I love my FP-1 flash grip!

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