From 5D I — Would I be happy with the 6D?

Started Dec 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
BillCat Contributing Member • Posts: 950
Think you'll love the 6D

The 6D with a light lens feels so great in the hand you just want to cuddle it all the time.

I tried out the 5D for a few weeks when my 5D2 broke. The only thing you might miss from the old 5D is the feeling of lower contrast, or I'm not sure how to describe it, the 5D look. I'm very happy with the colors in the 6D and of course the high ISO. I'd say keep your 5D just in case you might miss it later.

The 6D outer points work better than the 5D outer points.

The 6D focusing isn't as fast as I'd like, though it is working fine. I'm thinking that the 5D3 has faster focusing and better outer points. Often times I try to capture an embrace in dim lighting and I don't have much time before their expression changes. The 6D is faster than the 5D2 but I'm wondering how much better the 5D3 might be.

I'm loving the 6D.

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