French "chasseur d'images" RX1 review disappoints

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Re: French "chasseur d'images" RX1 review disappoints

to bring the RX1 to the manual focus usabilty of a LEICA you need to spend another 500 bucks. the problem with this is, that no serious photo journlaist would rely on an additional EVF (just another part that can break or get lost in the field) especially when it is such a poor solution like SONY decided to sell for almost 500 bucks.

the optical viewfinder which cots 600 bucks wont help when focussing and the EVF wont hold on the mount as it cant be locked on the mount. so it can go off the camera in your bag or while hanging the cam around your neck or shoulder... and when you put the camera to the eye you realize that it is gone...

this is such a poor solution. another detail that shows: its a toy and not designed for any sort of professional use...

for me the RX1 is a great camera, because i use it the way it can be used... it replaces my iPhoneography and gives me the pics i would have shot with an iPhone but with a nicer bokeh and a higher printable quality...

but the RX1 means nothing more to me... if you are serious about photography and dont own yet serious equipment use the money and buy a FF with a descent lens. this will help you develop your photogrpahy much better and it is more versatile.

35 mm is not a lens to make portraits and it is alo not a lens for landscape or architecture. it is a typical lens for street photography and well there you will lose many shots due to he shortcomings of the RX1.

this camera has a stunning image quality, but you should really ask yourself objectively how it can help you and why you want it. i am pretty sure a lot of guys will be dissapointed after a while of use. at least those who are able to admit it to themselves, where the RX1 shows seruious shortcomings...

remember, this nice little TOY is very expensive...

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