French "chasseur d'images" RX1 review disappoints

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Re: French "chasseur d'images" RX1 review disappoints

excellent analysis.

goes a bit deeper than ken rockwells true words and also meets most of the issues i have with this overpriced TOY, which is not finished yet in its development. as i already said in another thread, SONY was quite in a hurry, because other manufacturers will also bring out compact FFs in the next months.

the RX1 is a toy. but there is absolutely no chance to deliver this message to fanboys and -girls who are addicted to the idea of buying such a toy for this incredible amount of money to replace their DSLR equipment.

i have no issues with people buying it. i just dont see the logic in some of the buyers describing it as a perfect solution and wanting to replace other professionally usable gear by this toy. this toy makes fun. no doubt. but it is not reliable in crucial moments.

i have one. its IQ in RAW mode is incredible, but all its known shortcomings make it just an overpriced toy.

i use it to replace with it my iPhoneography. there it fits perfectly. i also can afford missing every 2nd shot with it in the situations i use it. with my iphone i made exactly the type of shots the RX1 is capable of. with the iphone i also lost every 2nd shot, because it is too slow in some situations.

but i would not even distantly dream of using the RX1 as a professional tool like many still think that it can be...

IT CAN NOT BE USED as a professional tool. if i would have to photograph journalism and would need a small camera (which is not automatically predefined... only the RX1 fanboys say that photoournalists need small toy cameras), i would of course prefer a LEICA and focus manual in street photography instead of relying on a chasing and not always shot-nailing AF of the RX1... this can lead into missing THE ONE shot which makes a difference.

my work is mainly commercial photography and also high quality documentary for corporations. no way, that i would use a RX1 in this context.

i know how to produce descent images with this RX1-toy. i already have posted many links to some shots a friend of mine and me made...

but despite this fact i would never ever recommend the RX1 as a replacement of any professionally usable piece of equipment, like a FF-DSLR...

this would overstretch the capablities of the RX1 massively.

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