Can you plz post images taken with (Kenko) extension tubes

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Re: Can you plz post images taken with (Kenko) extension tubes

ESfishdoc wrote:

Here is one I captured a while back with a 100-400L and Kenko tubes and a 450D.

Keep a couple of things in mind as you look at other pictures taken with extension tubes. They are only a tool to decrease the minimum focus distance of the lens. The pictures are only as good as the lens without the tubes. Since there is no glass there is little effect on image quality.

I can't see the usefullness of tubes on a wide angle. The working distance for me would be so short to be not worth it.

I like longer focal length lenses for macro. A dedicated macro lens in 100 to 180mm is great. (and yes.. tubes can be used on them to shorten the minimum focus distance) I've also enjoyed extension tubes on telephoto lenses like the 300 2.8 to capture images that would be a bit to close for the naked lens.

Overall they are a very useful tool to have in your bag of tricks

thanks for the delving into details - yah, I've read that wide angle lens aren't very good with the wholE extension tube thing ... But was still wondering whether at least the 17-55 could use it at some focallength. I'd love to buy a dedicated macro lens" but in the list of prioritis, it's slightly below a few things ... So just want something relatively inexpensive to dabble around ...

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