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Re: Markets for DSLR video

Rick Knepper wrote:

Your historical and industry perspectives swoosh right over my head but I would think the real users of DSLR video are still picture shooters expanding into video for events, weddings etc.

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Yeah, I guess I was feeling pretty old when I wrote that.  I believe you're right, though about the boon for wedding and event photography.  I was at a wedding last month where the videographer used as DSLR (and a RED, oddly, which got us talking-- she was a professional doing the wedding largely as a favor for the groom).  The challenge for live events, of course, is that so much happens on the fly when the camera works best with pre-planning.  Event and wedding videographers work around this by not having to capture everything (so if some moments are out of focus they can edit them out), knowing their gear really well, and playing it safe with the depth of field when they really need the shot.  Also, they generally don't have to worry too much about sound.

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