AF lock hesitation with Sony 18-135 toward the zoom end?

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Re: AF lock hesitation with Sony 18-135 toward the zoom end?

One more user here noticing the little "stutter" when focusing at the longer end of my new 18-135 on the A-77.  It makes a ticking noise, the speed of which varies from maybe 5 to 25 per second, and lasting from maybe half a second to 2 seconds.  It seems to happen worse when going from near subject to far subject than vice versa.

Otherwise am happy with the lens - sharp, nice colors, good practical zoom range.  So, the consensus here is that it's just a "quirk" of this lens, and if I send it back, a replacement will almost surely have the same issue?  I think I can live with it, but I don't want to just settle for a "lemon" if the majority of the series is OK.

Thanks all.

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