good dslr that has a fast lens?

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Re: they all have fast lenses, but not as part of the kit

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I am looking at DSLRs because my current camera (oly xz-1) often produces blurry pics of my quick moving 1 year old and/or missed pictures because of shutter lag. I am wanting something more responsive and even better in low light (the xz does quite well, but I need better)--and I was looking at the Nikon 3100, but I was reading someone's response to a different question and they were talking about the 3100 and saying "The standard 18-55 kit lens is good value for the money, but it has a "slower" aperture range. Indoors, you would need to use a higher ISO or flash to get good exposures without subject blur."

Since this is exactly what I wish to avoid, does anyone out there have a better recommendation for a dslr that is very quick and very good that might have a "faster" aperture range?


You have to pay to play, but good fast fixed focal lenses can be had on the cheap.. typically $200-$300. I don't see a point in buying an interchangeable lens camera if you're never going to buy another lens. It defeats the purpose of buying it in the first place. You are limiting your photographic creativity.


Maybe not never, but just not now. I will be spending enough on the camera right now that I don't want to then turn around and HAVE to buy another lens to get these kinds of simple shots. does that make sense?

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