How to see "polarization" in a DP1/DP2M

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Just got a CPL

I just got a cheapo CPL to test and beginning to appreciate your question.

Yes, it's true, you can't see the difference in the LCD. The last time I used a CPL on a nikon I was able to see the "darken" areas which is a hint of where to stop rotating the CPL, but apparently on dp2m you can't do that any more..

However I did notice that when you hit the right spot, the picture review on the LCD will show more dynamic range than otherwise. In other words, you can tell whether you CPL'd correctly or not after you taken a photo but not before ;-(

And I really need to invest in a quality CPL rather than the cheapo one, because with the cheap version, you tend to rotate out of the filter thread and then become preoccupied with breaking the CPL rather than concentrating on other stuff such as exposure metering etc. A quality CPL, much more expensive , will allow one to rotate freely after the filter has been screwed in, without worrying that it will drop off. It's the value for money thing.


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