Nikon adapter for Nex F3

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Re: Nikon adapter for Nex F3

TimelordXYZ wrote:

I received today a fotga adapter, but there is too much play between the lens and the adapter.


Thats interesting as my experience with the Fotga is that it provides a tight fit between lens and adaptor

Make sure the little chrome lip on the adaptor is securely in place - you need to twist the adaptor around the lens a short distance to get that tight fit

good luck

Perhaps I am missing something. For an adaptor that is for a G lens, that has a ring that goes from open to close, is there a position that the ring must be before I attach the lens? And must the lens be at f1.8 or f22 (I am only using Ai-S lenses) before I attach it?

I find that when I put the lens on the adaptor, the adaptor rign must be on "Close" if the ring on the lens would change the f-stops.

I don't want to force anything and risk damaging my lenses!



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