FTP 36mp files.

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Re: FTP 36mp files.

Here are some other possibilities to consider:

If your hotel doesn't have a wired internet connection, consider looking into whether they have a "business center," usually a space with a few desktop computers, a printer, and possibly (and most importantly) a wired internet connection.

Another possibility, depending on your project's budget, might be to use a temporary office service to rent an office or a meeting room with an internet connection for a few hours.  Whether this is cost-effective or whether you'll get the bandwidth you might need to improve on what you have at the hotel is possibly up in the air, but it might work.

If you're often in the same geographic area, you might poke around a bit and check out the quality of wi-fi services at local businesses that offer such things.  A cafe might have a better bandwidth situation than your hotel depending on how they're set up.  This is really hit or miss and might take some time investment to locate good options, so if you're always in a different city, it might not be worth it.

Anyway, as far as my own experience ftping stuff to clients (usually full-motion video), yeah it can take forever, and as long as it finishes overnight I'm usually happy.  Besides, the hotel doesn't really want your neighbor using Netflix anyway, as they make some of their money from the in-house pay-per-view.

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