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Re: Very nice Jack

tomslaptop wrote:

jack scholl wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

jack scholl wrote:

You guys are the source of lots of fun and lots of expenditures!!

In any case, watching all these moon shots - and me with my new 500mm f8 . . . I know nothing about this but here it is.

f8, 1/1600 sec, ISO 3200, handheld, 4MP, equivalent 1800mm on a Nex 7 . . . But I do like that 24MP sensor for cropping!

Please tell me how to improve with my new lens, and be gentle.


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Yep you can rip a lot of info out of the sensor alright. This is quite amazing hand held !! and ISO 3200, gees, impressive. That mirror lens is going to do fairly well for you Jack, I've already seen that on the Pelican shots mate. Excellent to see and just brings smiles here

All the best Jack, that's darn good and I reckon the Pelican's need a new place to hide, LOL.


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Well Danny,

I took a look at your 800mm moon shots after I posted . . . and it was good that I hadn't looked before hand. That new lens of yours will do just fine by you! I just hope it is enough tele for you or heavens knows what will be next!

In any case, thanks for the kind encouragement.

And a very Happy Holiday to you and your family!


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I tried a few more but its like 10 degrees out and windy so even though I upped the shutter speed I believe I'm still getting some vibration and blur but heres another and the moon is changing position and still there. Heres to the winter moon.

One last post because I was able to find a shorter adapter and get better infinity focus, in fact it went beyond infinity and I had to bring it back some to get in focus. One last moon shot.

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