Olympus EPL2 noise superior to EP3 and OM-D?

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Re: Olympus EPL2 noise superior to EP3 and OM-D?

Anders W wrote:

fdi_bcn wrote:

>But reportedly, it emulates the jpeg engine of each specific body

I guess it reads in the file's metadata in which camera was the picture taken, don't know. Or from the file's header... And files should have less pixels to cheat the software and try that. And sure some other details I ignore.

Would like to know if it's all there or not. Love the color and the detail of older Pens (I use the E-P2) just would like to get rid of the chroma noise in low light and some noise up to, say, ISO 1600 in good light, not much more! But keeping all the rest of the magic. So I can use my Jupiter 11 or Industar 22 at faster speeds for instance but preserving all aspects of their signature color, texture, detail, etc. To have the weakest possible AA filter (but going back to the detail level of the E-PL1 would be already great) so we can fully enjoy the many great lenses the system have.

Just would like to know if that "microdetail" that some find missing is lost -only- when generating the JPG (which may be corrected through firmware if they may) or somewhere else, before the RAW file... I keep wondering, since for me it started after reviewing many E-M5 photographs and missing that "something"* and I guess not all were direct from camera! (or Oly software) So detail may be lost somewhere else in addition to JPG denoising...

(*) a certain degree of detail when using lenses like the Panasonic/Leica 25mm/1.4 or Pan. 20mm/1.7 and in general a certain kind of perceived volume that I see in files from the cameras using the older sensor (pre E-M5 Olympuses)

No problem at all with this if you are RAW shooter and use a RAW converter other than the Olympus Viewer. The problem is only with the in-camera jpeg engine and the Oly Viewer (which emulates it). I use LR 4.x and have no difficulties at all.

That's good to know , thank you

Still strange why I can't find images showing the same degree of detail as with the old sensor... I mean the kind of detail that make lenses like the 25/1.4 or the 20/1.7 so special ("microdetail"?) That's why I started thinking the "issue" was before the JPG engine...

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