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Moderator Solution

Simple solutions are the most effective.

1. You don't eat out of the same pot you pee in.

How does that relate to the forums and their moderation? In days gone by, people had earthenware vessels (chamber pots) that they used for urinating and defecating in during the night (after all, who wants to get up during the middle of the night and venture outdoor, especially during cold, brutal winter months?).

Kings and lords, and other well-to-do types, had chambermaids and servants that would empty the pots each morning, clean them, and return them to the chamber. The less fortunate, who could scarcely even afford such a pot, often had to make double-duty out of their earthenware vessels.

Hence, only the most common of commoners ate out of the same pot they peed in.

2. To have Moderators who are also members is akin to eating out of the same pot.

In fact, it's almost incestual. It has left a very bad taste (little wonder) in the mouths of many, many members - many of whom are long-established and highly esteemed.

3. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The only difference between good boys and bad boys is that good boys don't get caught. And so it is with the current 'member-mods'. Based on my experience with the names I recognize, I wouldn't have granted half of them 'town dogcatcher' status. Yet, here they are, lording it over we members who pay the bills around this joint.


1. Replace all member-mods with IT college interns and pay them a stipend for the privilege and experience to be paid employees while performing the dutiy of impartial moderators.

2. Seattle is awash with such types, plus they are oblivious to the type of discussions that a healthy, thriving forum needs to survive, much unlike many of the thin-skinned mods who have been put in place currently.

3. Their only vested interest would be to enforce ESTABLISHED rules and guidelines, and to not inject their personal 'fweelings' into what action a mod takes, or doesn't take (as is the case with their 'favorites), against their fellow members, many of whom they have knocked heads with prior (man, that just smacks of Hitler's SS guard).

4. These intern moderators would NOT read or participate in the forums in ANY manner. They would only respond to registered complaints. Period.

5. VALID complaints would ONLY consist of spamming, porn, violent threats, use of forbidden words (an actual list of them), and name-calling such as 'You're a stupid idiot' or 'What a total moron', etc.

Other than those few rules, calling someone out on the carpet or responding to them in what some thin-skinned types may consider to be a 'rude and uncivil' manner would NOT be grounds for reprimanding or banning or any type of discipline.

Let people be people. We don't need babysitters or hand-holders. The vast majority of us are adults and expect to be treated as such. After all, we adults pay the bills around here. Those who violate the simple rules would be given first, a warning; second, a temporary ban; and, third, termination.

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