Excellent price (UK) for Canon 5d mk II.

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Re: Excellent price (UK) for Canon 5d mk II.

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Yeah, OK price if you need to or want to have over 20 Mpix and video; other than those two things it doesn't offer much over the original 5D.

Sensor cleaning



One stop better performance

Better LCD

Faster FPS

ISO info in viewfinder

3 custom modes

98% coverage viewfinder


It is nonsense to suggest that the 5DII was anything other than a major step forward from the original 5D ("What did the Romans ever do for us?" comes to mind). The AF on the 5DIII is the single major feature that takes it forward from the 5DII, although there are plenty of other additions ranging from the useful (electronic level) to the pointless (RATE button). I have owned all three cameras, currently a 5DIII, so my view is based on personal experience.

A more interesting question is whether if you do not want to spend what a 5DIII costs (£1900 at Hdew in the UK) then should you buy a 5DII or a 6D, perhaps waiting a bit for the 6D price to fall in the way that the 5DIII price has done? I am inclined to think that the 6D would probably be the better bet, despite the maddening omission of the joystick. And I have no doubt that at a budget level for anyone desperate to get into FF the original 5D s/h is now a bargain.

"And I have no doubt that at a budget level for anyone desperate to get into FF the original 5D s/h is now a bargain." and that's the point I was trying (but obviously not very well) to make in my original post. Me, I would get in at the 5D level, and save the money on buying lenses. And then when I am a bit more flush with money, skip the Mark II and go for the Mark III. You could then have the 5D as a back-up body to the Mark III (I think once you already have a Mark II, there isn't that great a pull to go get the Mark III afterwards, unless like me you are really fussy about ergonomics in which case you'd upgrade to the much superior ergonomics of the Mark III even if you already have the Mark II (and when I talk of ergonomics I am referring to the user interface/menu system as well as hardware buttons))



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