D600 is here. What's the testing/cleaning proceedure?

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Re: D600 is here. What's the testing/cleaning proceedure?

gknightmelodic wrote:

I can't even believe I have to ask this. Well, anyway, the camera is here, serial #3057xxx - supposedly one of the good ones. I still have some questions though. (My first FF digital)

1) How can I check the shutter count on the camera without going into the manual? I want to disturb as little as possible in the package in case it has to be returned.

2) How should I go about testing the sensor for dust?

3) If I find unacceptable dust/oil (ANY should be unacceptable for a brand new camera) which is the best option: return to store, send to Nikon, clean sensor myself?

4) Forget that 3k shot & clean routine. That's ridiculous. 3k wasted shutter activations? Nah. So, what would be the tools recommended for dry cleaning (blower and/or brush), and wet cleaning (swabs or pads or something else).

Thanks in advance for any help. Glad to be in the FX forum.

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just shoot like usual..

if u found dust that ruin ur shot, you can clean it.. but if it doesn't ruin ur photo, just enjoy ur d600 and keep shooting..

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