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Re: XE-1 users Viewfinder

There are other threads about this and probably as many opinions as those who have responded. In my opinion (and I have used the X100, XPRO-1 and now own the XE-1) the EVF is about the best in the XE-1. It's got more contrast, more saturation and it's sharper than that of the other two, but frankly I still find it pretty bad and have been struggling with deciding whether to get rid of the XE-1 and just go back to the XPRO-1 instead.  I have kind've settled on just accepting the fact that I do not like the EVF and I just live with it. For me, it is just way too contrasty (it is difficult to see things in the shadow areas of scenes) and it is sluggish in its refresh. I think that many people boost the shadows in the camera by setting the shadow detail differently than I do and when you do this it does help with the EVF. I though prefer not to go this route because I have no real problem with shadows in my photos and am certainly not about to boost them up to get a better view of them in the viewfinder. What would be really nice is if they could be set independently to be able to boost the shadows in JUST the EVF and not in the photo.

At any rate, you will not know unless you get your hands on a camera and try it out for yourself.

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