Sigma 35mm 1.4 Anyone considering it?

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Re: Sigma 35mm 1.4 Anyone considering it?

Alphamale77 wrote:

EarthQuake wrote:

Alphamale77 wrote:

i've thought about it, the reviews i read talked about less than ideal bokeh, i haven't heard much of the docking station, what does that do?

From every head-to-head comparison I've seen the Sigma is on par with the other 35/1.4's out there on the Bokeh front, The 35L, Nikon 35/1.4, CZ, etc. None of these lenses are really excellent when it comes to bokeh, and all can look quite busy in the right(or wrong) circumstances. If anything, the Sigma is ever so slightly worse than the other lenses in this class when it comes to bokeh, but that shouldn't really have any meanful effect on actual photos.

Every other front it looks to be best in class, sharpness, aberrations, distortion etc.

I have one pre-ordered from Adorama, was hoping to have it by Xmas but it doesn't look likely now.

The docking station allows you to do a few things:

  1. Update lens firmware
  2. Adjust front/back focusing
  3. Fine tune AF speed/accuracy

thanks earthquake, i loved the boken from the nikon 35mmdx lens, and now the 24mm on my nex, if i recall correct i saw a sample somewhere showing really round light spots done with this lens, which was quiet nice actually, so i didn't really understand where the less than appealing bokeh came from in different reviews.

the adjust focusing issue wouldn't that be in camera specific? or does the lens remeber different camera's profile? i wonder how it can fine tune af speed, firmware update can certainly do this, but the port along? This is very new.

Now i'm really tempted.

The usb dock allows you to update the lens data to correct front/back focusing. This is really helpful with camera bodies that do not support micro focus adjust, which is everything other than the A900/A850, A77 and A99 as far as I'm aware of in the Alpha system(Maybe a700 too?).

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