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Re: On low dynamic range

Gidday SD

sd40 wrote:

A fellow named Schroeder claimed here about three years ago that the E-510 in fact has dynamic range as good as other Olympus DSLR cameras at the time, if one shoots Raw. This was probably before the E-5. He tested the different models and posted the results. Basically he concluded that while the E-510's JPEG engine was flawed its Raw files had just as much recoverable information as the other models. I waited to see his data refuted by all those who talk about how the E-510 clips highlights, and I'm still waiting.

I agree.

I have two strategies with my E-510:

1) I don't use ISO 100, as it is generally agreed that it is actually around ISO 125 (and I'm too lazy to put in the required exposure compensation ... ); and

2) I shoot RAW + JPG (SHQ/LSF) with all 3 bodies. Gives me a backup, and the best of both worlds.

It is amazing how much detail (and DR) can be recovered well from all my Olympus RAW files. I have never understood how people can state that they cannot better the OoC JPEGs. I have also not seen too many people refute this claim!! I never have the slightest difficulty getting better results from the RAW than from the JPEG. Whether the shot is any flaming good anyway is another thing altogether ...

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