Urgent help needed re. Nvidia graphics card and 10 bit monitor

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Re: Jim

Jim Cockfield wrote:

If you want to use CS6, and have a video card and monitor supporting 10 bits per channel, then you may see less banding between finer color graduations in some conditions.

But, keep in mind that wide gamut doesn't have anything do to with 10 bits per channel color (although most wide gamut displays also support 10 bits per channel now, one really has nothing to do with the other).

You can see a wider gamut color using 8 bits per channel color if you have a wide gamut display. IOW, if you have a wide gamut display capable of rendering a wider color space (e.g., Adobe RGB), you can still see that wider color space using a video card that only supports 8 bits per channel.

The only difference is that the steps between color graduations are finer with 10 bits per channel. You see the same wider color space either way (using an 8 bit per channel video card, or a 10 bit per channel video card) if your display supports a wider color gamut.

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Jim, you're a legend!!!

This finally clears it up for me. I was completely confused as I am not a technical guy at all.

Up until this explanation I thought that I couldn't see the aRGB colour space without the quadro card.

Now I understand that what I am missing out on is the gradations within the aRGB space and not the aRGB space itself.

This means that I will be able to reasonably accurately soft proof but just not as accurate as with the full 10 bit display.

I primarily do portrait/model shoots and wedding/functions, so I think the accuracy should be fine for this purpose from what you have told me.

I was just googling the ATI Firepro 4800 cards and thought that may be an option as NEC has them listed on their site for my particular monitor with full 10 bit support. Not sure I need to go down this path now though.

Many many thanks again!

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