Screen protector on 5D III

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Re: Screen protector on 5D III

GGS is on my 5D3's and it makes me feel more secure.  Granted it does increase the reflections slightly but I don't notice in actual use.

They go in easily, no bubbles.  Check it is very clean before it goes on and no dust anywhere.

The top LCD protector is a bit useless as it doesn't follow the curve of the LCD panel very well, but it strikes me that this particular panel would be inexpensive to replace anyway.

The LCD is more expensive to repair on the Mk3 than the Mk2, but Canon said that it is made of tougher stuff than the rather soft 5D2 surface.

Unfortunately the Giotto thingy doesn't fit the 5D3, otherwise that would have been my prefered choice.  The GGS is pretty good though.

Can be removed and refitted before the adhesive strengthens, and after that they say you can use a bit of dental floss to ease it off...


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