Win8 vs. Win7: How is it (ignoring new interface)?

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Re: Yes, that is why I started this thread

raminolta wrote:

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BobSC wrote:

No. I could have been more clear -- I was just listing some of the things that are important that are not the GUI.

Yes, exactly and that was the point of my post that started this thread. The GUI is one thing, but an OS is a whole lot more than the interface. I have seen tons of posts about the interface, but little about the many other very important aspects of the OS. Any word on stability? My new laptop that arrives today has Win8 installed on it. I will put Lightroom 4.3 and my other software on it. I am hoping that other than the changed interface that Win8 is at least as good as my Win7 laptop. If I don't like the new interface I will use Classic Shell, Start8, or something like that.

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Henry Richardson

If you don't mind much about the user interface, I think the general consensus is that Windows 8 has improved in regard to other aspects. I think even those who complain about the new GUI, also probably admit it. From my own personal experience, it seems Windows 8 has less trouble finding drivers for specific hardware though I can only speak of the hardware in my own computer so far. With Windows 8, I also find it easier to run old software in compatibility mode. It actually automatically offers to do it. I have to add I don't have as much experience with Windows 7. I am also, for the first time only running the Windows's own security suite without a third party antivirus or firewall and so far, so good.

I purchased my Windows 8 computer at the Microsoft Store in Atlanta. It was recommended that I only use Microsoft Defender as it was part of Windows 8 and the machine would run faster and better. I was told that all the computers throughout the Microsoft company only used Microsoft Defender. I've been using only Defender for over 6 weeks now and so far so good. I really like Windows 8 and so far its been flawless for me. CS6 runs faster than it did on my old C7 system.

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