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Lars Rehm
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Community Moderation

Dear forum members

as most of you will have noticed by now we have launched a Community Moderation program for some of our forums including this one. This is still a beta phase with only a small number of moderators to test the tools and generally see how things go. We are planning to expand the program in the future, with more moderators and more sophisticated moderation tools at their disposal.

The reasons for this is simple. In the past we've had very little active moderation, and simply not enough resource to make sure everyone in the forums sticks to the basic rules of human online interaction. Therefore at this stage we have added a small number of volunteer moderators to help us keep the forums civil and friendly. They have been instructed to be accountable and transparent, and to warn before deleting, to engage rule-breakers and to explain (privately) contested moderation decisions. All moderators are easily identifiable by the MOD-icon next to their user name.

We have only just started this program and we're definitely looking into improving it further but so far this has clearly been a step into the right direction.

For those of you who are uncertain about the forum rules, a link to them can be found above the editing window when you write a post. Or click on this link:

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Lars Rehm,
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