Noob with new XE-1 with kit lens; tips on night shooting.

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Re: Noob with new XE-1 with kit lens; tips on night shooting.

Luego wrote:

Desertking wrote:

I had my XE-1 now for a week and have been practicing taking pictures with the kit lens. It's the best digital camera I used to date. I have not purchased any of the primes yet because I am new to the Fuji and new to photography in general; I figured I can take my time and play around with the kit lens until I feel more comfortable.

I was wondering if anyone can give me tips on taking night shots with the kit lens only, 18-55mm; like what settings to use, what aperture set to and the shutter speed. I search around the forum for night shots with the XE-1 but most of them are using the 35mm.

I am really digging the XE-1 and think Fuji has created a home run product; I can't wait until I get better with it and start building my lens collection.

Take a look at this site, it might help.



Thanks!  That's a great blog with lots of info.  I do have a tripod, a cheap plastic one but for now, it will do.

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