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Ed H. wrote:

I am considering an A57 and had a few questions.

- Local dealers have it bundled with the 18-55 kit lens. Is this lens fairly decent?

- I have an old Minolta Maxxum 700si with Minolta 50mm AF 1.7 and Tokina AF 70-210 4-5.6. Am I correct that those lenses would work with the A57. At least on the Maxxum I was always happy with the sharpness and color of the 50mm.

- If I understand SLT technology correctly, low light performance would be slightly less than say the NEX 5R or 6.

Any input is appreciated.

I bought the A57 last April and have been really pleased with it.

Low Light Conditions ... for real dim light, you need a faster lens.

4 am aimed out the window at snow ... shot with a 35mm 1.8.


The render quality is not that good because I didn't choose the right export setting in Premiere Pro.  However, to answer your question, the kit lens would not capture anything even at 3600 ISO.  Note:t he limit is 3600 for film, but it goes higher for still shots.

We shot our film / trailer with the kit lens serving as the key lens for certain wide shots.


The light was dim, yet it does okay.  I would adjust the setting from 400 IS to 800.

This outdoor shot was shot using the Kit lens.  It's a bright day, and the setting is at 100 ISO.  You can get an idea of the white quality, which I was very pleased with.


Not sure about the lens compatibility of the lenses you mention.

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