Learning to use the K-30: VF, RAW, telephoto zoom

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Re: Learning to use the K-30: VF, RAW, telephoto zoom

Marc, thanks for the vote on the 55-300 - it did seem to be the best compromise on weight and range vs. quality for my purposes.  It's just wishful thinking that the next level of IQ could be had without lugging around 2+ lbs of zoom.

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Hi folks-

Thanks first to this group as you had a large role in my deciding on the new K-30 that appeared at my door Monday. My main reason for moving up from a Lumix FZ-35 is the ability to improve my action and nature photos. This is my first DSLR though I owned a Leica and an OM-1 in my youth.

  1. My 55-year-old eyes can't see the whole viewfinder image with glasses, with or without the eyecup. Any suggestions from the bespectacled?
  2. Is there a light alternative to the 55-300 zoom for action photos at 200mm+ focal lengths in the US$500 price range? I hike with my camera at the ready to capture coursing sighthounds and wildlife, so the weight of a 60-250 would be too much even if I could afford one.
  3. I use P'shop Elements 10 and am a RAW virgin. Is there any reason to use Silkypix for RAW processing instead?
  4. Has there been a good third-party guide to the K-30 published?

Cheers, Dan

Hi Dan, To answer question 4, there is an online K-30 Manual that is available that goes much further in detail compared to the manual. It comes in a PDF format and costs, um lemme look it up. The link is K-30 E-book manual. Cost is $14.99.

I have bought the K-x version and the K-30 one and it is good at showing you the ropes and features in a simpler way. Since I bought the K-x prior I guess that gives you my opinion of the writer and I reinvested in his books.

It is the only specific guide to the K-30 that I know of and it is only available as a download. I wish there was a paper book out but we have to drum up enough interest to get "big" publishers to put out a book.

Happy Holidays, Terry

Terry, thanks for passing along the link. I have the sample PDF to look over, but at that price it won't be hard to buy. The Pentax manual manages to be informative but not very useful, rarely attempting  to explain why and when to use settings  beyond they are. Cheers, Dan

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