Lumix G5 DPR full review?

Started Dec 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
Cy Cheze Senior Member • Posts: 2,028
Lumix G5: TC says "deeply flawed," calls other reviews rubbish

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Lets be honest to ourselves. The reason there is no review is they can only do so many and they don't think the G5 is ground breaking enough to warrant their time.

The G5 adds 60p video that YT compresses to 30p, higher ISO one seldom needs, more mode functions that are hard to remember, and what else?

Reviews are pretty rubbish anyway because they never reflect what you as the user want.

A fine way to describe the fruit of DPR's TLC and efforts to serve!

I love mine but it is is deeply flawed. If you really want to know more, ask the people on this forum quoting the things that matter to you

"Deeply flawed"?  Dare you elaborate?   Or have you pledged not to tell the dreadful secret?

Honestly, the G5 looks to me like a bargain alternative to the GH3, which is beefed-up with controls and stuff few folks really need or have the means to handle.  But a G3 with lens for only $299 at B&H (all month long) is a "steal" compared to all the rest.

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