LR vs. PSE for RAW processing

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Re: LR vs. PSE for RAW processing

Dan Marchant wrote

Where PSE will allow you to adjust the exposure of the whole image, Lightroom (using its Selective Adjustment Brush) will allow you to adjust the exposure of a particular area of the image. Same for contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows etc etc. For me this is the killer feature that LR has over PSE, but of course there are also all the other features that Richard mentioned above.

This is something that I noticed in the video tutorials that draws my attention.  I just posted a question if this is unique and not offered in Canon’s DPP either – which I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but thought I might ask before pulling the trigger on LR 4.

I can really see the allure of being able to selectively adjust while still a RAW file and not be forced to apply a blanket adjustment to the entire image.  Even with my ‘talentless’ photos LOL.  It would be a killer tool to have available.

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