Pentax K-x, flash and white balance

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Re: Pentax K-x, flash and white balance

Yuri P wrote:


I have a rather naive question:

In my Pentax K-x, when I set the "Tungsten" white balance, photos come up, as expected, in blue tint. However, if I use the built-in flash or on-camera TTL flash, the photo comes up normal, ignoring the white balance setting.

I discovered it trying to yellow-gel my flash in combination with Tungsted white balance in order to get blue backgrounds. Instead, I was getting yellow photos. Further investigation revealed the issue that I stated in the starting paragraph.

Is this a normal behavior? If so, how can I achieve the desired effect?

Advice, please.

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Hello Yuri P

This is a normal behavior, but you can change this.

When you use a orange gel (CTO) for the flash you get the tungsten light colour temperature.

When you use the flash the camera change the WB automatically to flash-WB, which is btw nearly the same as the WB for a sunny day. That's why your flash pictures are now yellow.

You can set in one of the custom menu, how the camera should set the WB if you use the flash. I know it only for a K-m and K5, but I'm sure on your K-x it's the same. You can vote automatically to flash-WB/ or not (which mean the camera use then your WB setting).

Now you can set your camera to tungsten and with the orange gel on the flash, you get what you want, the blue tint for both lightsources (flashlight and ambiente tungsten light).

best regards  kikivrany

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