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Ed H. wrote:

I am considering an A57 and had a few questions.

- Local dealers have it bundled with the 18-55 kit lens. Is this lens fairly decent?

- I have an old Minolta Maxxum 700si with Minolta 50mm AF 1.7 and Tokina AF 70-210 4-5.6. Am I correct that those lenses would work with the A57. At least on the Maxxum I was always happy with the sharpness and color of the 50mm.

- If I understand SLT technology correctly, low light performance would be slightly less than say the NEX 5R or 6.

Any input is appreciated.

the kit 18-55 will produce decent pics. However, dont expect much from it. Most old minolta lenses will work without the need for adapters or anything.

the a57 is awesome in low light up to about iso 3200. nex series are slightly better in low light, but the difference is negligible.

your 50mm 1.7 is a great lens provided you have a good copy, and will warrant you great low light pics on the a57.

a57 is one of the best comsumer to intermediate grade cameras around for under $1000.

try to stick to sony lenses if you shoot in jpeg, they have built in correction features for alpha series cameras. if you have the funds try to get the sony 16-50mm 2.8 lens or the 18-135mm lens. Both are great lenses with the 16-50mm being the latter due to ,constant aperture, ssm, weather sealing, build quality and IQ. just sort of limited with reach

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