ACR vs Lightroom - Wacom tablet and keyboard shortcuts

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Re: ACR vs Lightroom - Wacom tablet and keyboard shortcuts

suddie1215 wrote:

The Lightroom 4 keyboard shortcuts go at least one step further. You can use the period (.) and comma (,) keys to advance or step back through each slider of the Basic Panel. Then you can use the + or - keys, or the Shift + Plus and Shift + Minus keys to make adjustments to the slider settings. You can also use the Up and Down arrow keys instead of the plus and minus keys.

Thanks for the info. I was obviously taken in by the VSCO sales pitch. Seems you can do everything in LR (and more) that I currently do in ACR.

I was wrong about using the - and + keys in ACR for slider adjustments. Those are for sizing the adjustment brush. In the Basic panel I Tab or Shift Tab between sliders, and then I use the up and down arrow keys to adjust, adding Shift to get larger increments.

Anyone using a Wacon tablet in LR? Do you use it just for adjustment brush, and spot removal brush? Or for other things?


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