RRS or Markins L-Plate ?

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Re: RRS or Markins L-Plate ?

Alberto Tanikawa wrote:

Sometimes if you are very lucky you may find a RRS plate at B&H's used items store. But if you buy new, price wise I'd get the RRS. Including shipping, the RRS plate comes out ~$2 cheaper. The Markins plate however has an opening on the top so you can thread your neck strap through - seems to add just a tad more security (subjective), but maybe a bit of inconvenience when removing the plate from the camera. All the RRS plates comes with a hex key to attach the plates to your camera; Markins charges $2 for the key. The RRS plate seems a bit bulkier on the vertical side compared to the Markins, but Markins' website doesn't have photos from other angles for better comparison.

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Alberto T.

Great description of the differences.  Since my Markins Q3t ballhead is all Markins with screw knob release would there be any compatability issue with RRS L-plate?  I like the look of RRS plate better than Markins but just worried about the compatibility...

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