RRS or Markins L-Plate ?

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Re: RRS or Markins L-Plate ?

Alberto Tanikawa wrote:

Sometimes if you are very lucky you may find a RRS plate at B&H's used items store. But if you buy new, price wise I'd get the RRS. Including shipping, the RRS plate comes out ~$2 cheaper. The Markins plate however has an opening on the top so you can thread your neck strap through - seems to add just a tad more security (subjective), but maybe a bit of inconvenience when removing the plate from the camera. All the RRS plates comes with a hex key to attach the plates to your camera; Markins charges $2 for the key. The RRS plate seems a bit bulkier on the vertical side compared to the Markins, but Markins' website doesn't have photos from other angles for better comparison.

Great description of the differences.  Since my Markins Q3t ballhead is all Markins with screw knob release would there be any compatability issue with RRS L-plate?  I like the look of RRS plate better than Markins but just worried about the compatibility...

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