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Re: Palm tree plantation

Nicolas Isaksson wrote:

Saw this fields on a drive out on the country and was impressed by how straight the plants were laid out. It is a shame that all that land is used to produce fuel (biodiesel) instead of food. This land by itself would produce oranges and other fruits, in a nice caothic forrest.

Lately I have opted for leaving my camera always in the car, so far it has proven to be a good option as I am getting more photos. On this shot I was very hesitant to leave in the fence or not but I think it adds to the industrial message. Opinions?

This is simply one of those situations in which it's nearly impossible to establish an explicit message/theme without text supplementing the photograph.

Still, the scene usefully illustrates an aspect of our world energy environment.

On the particulars. My thinking is that since the issue is large-scale land usage, the land has to dominate; therefore, much of the sky can be cropped away. This forces the eye into the field and yields a more panoramic view emphasizing the vast land area converted from native habitat to corporate farm.

Next, if the bird is still present I'd clone it away, just because its slight helicopter look is a small diversion from the very low-key main elements. Then, although side-crops made a little closer to the row ends do reduce the panorama, these small lateral trims help lead the eye down the lanes of young palms to a far horizon.  Finally, in Photoscape I applied auto-brightness, which seemed to give the plants a bit more presence -- overdone?

With the overall picture coverage reduced, I think the fenceposts scale up to a more helpful relationship with the field.

My changes are below (I'll remove the image on request or prior to next C&C).

The initiating idea of the picture is solid; this issue benefits from wider awareness, imo. Too bad the "farmer" didn't hang a sign on the fence reading "Biodiesel plantation by XYZ Mega-Corp."

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