So, I have a 6D and a D600 in hand right now...

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Re: So, I have a 6D and a D600 in hand right now...

schmegg wrote:

What I see here is two shots, both perhaps a tad warm in the white balance temperature, but not bad and easily corrected, and one that is off in tint also - showing too much green in the balance.

It's interesting that you imply the Canon is the worst of the two in terms of white balance, given it appears to have a better white balance. I'm surprised you don't notice this. Maybe different people have a different sensitivity to green - that would explain it.

Schmegg: I can agree with your assessment, though my intent was to actually say, "Minor differences aside, they're fairly similar and can be corrected to be almost exactly the same." The Nikon looks a little cool (green, if you will, but in theater lighting we'd just call that 'cool'), and the Canon looks warm. Again, I was able to change the balance in Lightroom so they looked pretty much the same, and these photos weren't exactly shot in the best of lighting conditions to begin with. The true differences lie in the minor details when fully zoomed in, but I don't think anyone will see these unless they're specifically looking for them or their prints are really large.

Thanks for your feedback.

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