Single calibrator for display and printer?

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CONFIRMED: decent only for monitor


I'm here to update you with some personal direct experience.

I have had the possibility to calibrate a NEC (P series) monitor and a humble laptop display with the ColorMunki Photo and with the i1 Display Pro.

Comparing the profiles by direct switching looking at the various the Lagom test pages

gave me the visual confirmation of the noticeable superiority (for monitor calibration) of a dedicated colorimeter like the i1Display Pro against a entry level spectrophotometer like the ColorMunki Photo.

More in detail:

- The Contrast page is overall better rendered using thr i1DP profile: neutral tonality, evenly spaced luminosity, better contrast. The CMP profile show a little bit of cast and the luminosity of the first patches is too bright.

- Black level page confirm and enphasize the problem of the CMP with dark patches. There is a noticeable warm cast in the darker squares and luminosity is too high. The i1DP profile is neutral and the squares disappear in a linear way. Big difference here.

- In the white saturation the CMP show the latest 254 squares in a more noticeable way too, curiosly there is a cool cast here.

- the Gradient page confirm that the i1DP profile is overall better, with neutral rendering of the whole gradient. The CM show a little bit of split-tone (warm dark tones and cool highlights. I want to highlight that here the overall difference is not so big in any case.

In real photos the major difference using the CM profile is in a slightly more casted tone and somewhat enhanced shadows. The image is less contrasty. The overall difference in not overwhelming but definitely noticeable.

So, this is a humble personal experience in order to verify something I already was informed about.

For top class monitor calibration the i1DP is clearly superior.

The CM Photo does the job but is not at the same level. Obviously the CM Photo add the possibility to make icc printer profiles, and this is the big reason to buy it, but being aware that the monitor profiles are only decent (and highly better than a not calibrated monitor for sure).

I have tried using Argyll+dispcalGUI with CM Photo too on the Laptop, but even at highest quality settings the monitor profile was way off than the CM original one profile exarcebating the cast.

Hope my 2 cents could be useful.


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