Teller Lake Trail, Boulder County, Colorado

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Re: Teller Lake Trail, Boulder County, Colorado

Calinature wrote:

Hi Roger,

Well, I suppose that these photos are a bit on the dull side. Photos that we have personally taken may have meaning to ourselves, but not necessarily to others. I often take photos that i think are stunning or tell a story to which few seem to like. This is part of the price of being a photographer/artist, I suppose. I will offer a few comments that I hope you will take as constructive.

Lighting and composition are key elements to a good photograph. Post processing only helps afterwards.

The lighting condition of these scenes is overcast. I find that photographing general landscapes or vegetation to be quite challenging on cloudy days. I have experimented with cloudy conditions for general landscape photos. Sometimes I try HDR, but with uneven success. Another approach is to focus on short to middle distance a close-up of a few rocks, a tree, or just a colorful barn. People selling vegetables in a farmers market is a good activity on a cloudy day! The soft light can really help with colors and eliminating shadows in those situations.

Good photography is much ado about light. Late afternoon, early morning, the sun peeking behind clouds...these are all outstanding opportunities to capture nature at these special moments that capture our deep emotional and spiritual beings. So your quest becomes one of "hunting" for light that illuminates our world in special ways.

Once you get a feel for the special quality of light, then comes composition. You can read about the "rule of thirds" and other generally sage bits of advice. But more fundamentally, the photographer must realize that photographs are symbolic representations of the world around us. As such, the photograph needs to select out certain aspects of the world, an abbreviated version of "reality". In other words, keep the photograph simple. Two to three or four major themes...eliminate the clutter. A photograph of the forest should be about the essence of being a tree in all of its glory. A photography of one's Aunt Mary has special meaning to one's family, but not necessarily to others.

Don't forget about contrast. Scenes that are evenly lit can be dull. For punch, include just enough contrast in colors and lighting.

At the risk of offending some of the many good people on DPR, this is not a place to study and learn about the art of great photography. It's a gear forum, and I enjoy it up to a certain point. I suggest that you go to other web sites, visit galleries, and study art if need be. There are many people, especially aging techies, that have picked up digital photography in recent years. And why not, the modern camera is a wonder to behold. But understanding how a camera works is not necessarily the same as capturing an artful, emotional photograph.

I for one look forward to watching your evolution as a photographer. Please keep your photos coming and don't be discouraged by negative feedback. If you are ever out in my neck of the woods stop by and I show you some special places! Jeff Hart

What he said. And as he said, you're not always going to get positive feedback. So don't be to thin skinned and take it personal :-). Listen to constructive critique, and learn from it. That's one of the reasons we post photo's here,,,to get comments / critique. Finally,,,,,it takes practice, and a lot of it. If I can mention two things, it would be.....what do you want to tell in the photo you take?......Simple comp. is better, most of the time.

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