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Gene Tenold wrote:

None yet, This is the kit I got: http://www.adorama.com/INKD600K1KE.html

I am looking into the Sigma 150-500 (OS) and trying to find a Nikon in or around the same zoom range. I think they make a 80-400.


Gene thats the lens I use on the 7000 just know this I had to take the first one back it was soft and developed AF issues....now im talking AFTER using MFA on both set at 500mm and what I feel my average subject distance is. Bought both new off the self took first one home setup tripod and proceeded to set MFA...all was fine for a few days....then the OS sounded just a bit strange ( just slightly but im fairly observant if nothing else ) and I noticed my shots were soft.....kept at it few more days thought I was losing my mind....set it back up on tripod repeated test now required -18 MFA to get close.....so then of coarse im thinking camera body but since the lens was new and in the return period I went into the local store told them and they let me try another one only took -2 MFA and its been fine every since and the majority of my shots have come from it....so just saying buy one new where you can return OR buy a known good copy from a trusted source who has rung it out already.....I fully believe the majority of their QC issues arise very soon in ownership as opposed to 1 year in...

Also having used the 7D and its Zone AF schemes ( which I was proud of Sony emulating in the a77 ) ill advise ( and you probably know all this already ) the Continuous 21pt Dynamic mode. I have played and read a lot about it and Nikon engineers refined the center point tracking with the 21pt assist mode more than any other and I believe it.....also they have a feature like Canon's 7D ( wish Sony had implemented on the a77 ) where you can set the tracking behavior once locked onto a subject so that other objects dont interrupt the main focus priority in terms of a TIME metric before jumping subjects!!!. Also you can set auto ISO with a minimum shutter speed in A mode AWESOME....I am not sure about the d600 but you can skew it for faster shutter speeds or use least ISO but my d7000 doesnt allow that.....Also I think you can choose auto iso in the aforementioned modes at 1/3 stops which my d7000 also doesnt allow. I usually set auto iso at 800 with minimum shutter at 1/800 and here is the undocumented part if your on that screen that ISO value at the top will basically be used like a low ISO limit...So I often just set it as a range ISO value of 400 with a max of 800 and minimum shutter speed of 1/800. I have to jump ALL the way to max iso 1600 wish it would do ISO 1000/1250 but as light fades I usually just set it to 1000/1250 and go full manual...also in this mode the rear wheel can be used to increase or decrease the minimum shutter...In good light I start greedy at say 1/1600 and as light fades or I find myself at less than optimum angle to the sun I can roll it back without changing anything else...

You probably already know all that but in using my d7000 for wildlife and researching the D800 I found both what I use and the additional features available to you over mine such as the max iso increments and the ability to skew the cameras internal auto iso for increased shutter speed or lowest possible ISO........thats what I mean folks there are lots of things over the years that is hype but this Nikon system aint playing for stills.......I was toying with trying to activate the tracking feature on the a77 the other day while birds were flying and i was pondering you know if there was a wildlife mode whereby when the center zone found a moving lock it automatically went to tracking that would probably counter both Nikons 3D matrix tracking and Canons zone plus tracking schemes.....just a thought....I bet with a tracking enable button reassignment and no visual reminder "hey you are now fixing to lock tracking on something if you push it again" HAHA it would be possible with practice to get it done. Im left eye dominate so many of you probably dont have as much problem manipulating the joystick with your eye to the camera though....

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