Shooting moving subject (walking) at f/1.8 - poor hit rate in indoor light

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Re: It's a bug

michaeladawson wrote:

Nikon support is blowing smoke. Let's forget about the term "trap focus". You have a setting in the camera that says "focus priority". The camera simply is NOT supposed to take a picture if the subject under the AF point is not in focus when in focus priority mode. Because of this bug using focus priority in AF-C mode is meaningless.

Can someone explain why you would choose focus priority over releasepriority and be fine with the shutter tripping when the subject is out of focus?

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Mike Dawson

I can see how focus priority in AF-C is a bit of an oxymoron if you assume that in AF-C the image is always in focus. The AF module and the lens motor are operating continuously to sample and correct for focus. It would be best if AF-C could distinguish between trying to focus and being in focus.

What happens with AF-C & focus priority mode if you start focusing on a close-up subject with the lens initially focused to infinity and attempt to release the shutter before the lens motors has the time to adjust? Does it matter whether or not you use AF-On?

I guess Nikon's understanding is that you have to use AF-S if you want some final determination that the image is in focus. Does focus priority mode work properly in AF-S mode?

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