Speedlight Flash lighting w/ Zoom lenses - SB-700 & Nikon 55-200mm

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Re: Speedlight Flash lighting w/ Zoom lenses - SB-700 & Nikon 55-200mm

blue_cheese wrote:

h382 wrote:

Hey guys,

I recently shot a family function with a Nikkor 55-200 (VR AF-S f/4-5.6G ED) with the help of a SB-700 Speedlight. Shooting at TTL for now on the flash, and auto on the camera, a D7000.

While at 55mm, shots were well exposed and generally nicely lit, as soon as I zoomed out to 200, they suddenly become under-exposed, and darker. Obviously, the reach of TTL wasn't powerful enough and I needed to go manual or get closer- which would defeat the purpose of the telezoom.

Not really, 200mm is a focal length and not a distance. I can shoot my 55-300 at 1.5m distance, that's a pretty healthy blast of light from the SB-700 at such a distance.

1. The question to you guys is- what do you generally do in this situation and what tricks would you guys employ to help with this problem.

Reading the manual is probably the best way to deal with the problem, many factors affect how much light the flash will fire and how far it gets. The rest of the questions probably need some practice or a crash course. I found extremely helpful Reading the Lighting 101 and so on material on http://www.strobist.blogspot.ca

2. I.e. is there a formula you use for the steps on the Speedlight, based on distance away (mm), etc?

Set flash to GN see the distance blasted by the flash, note that past a certain distance you need to increase ISO (sensor sensitivity) as b

3. Finally, is this one situation where, say, a SB-900 would help more? I.e. more extended reach? Or would it still have the same issue on TTL?

I'm a huge enthusiast and while I take pretty sweet shots- I'm still trying to get the 'tech' side of things right.. I would greatly appreciate any opinions/input.


To start with

-Put camera in manual mode, set desired aperture, ISO, and shutter

- Take the flash out of Auto mode and set it to 1/1 strength

- put on a narrow beam

- take off the diffuser dome and plate

Take a picture, and see how much light reaches the subject at whatever distance you intend to shoot.

I know that you are probably thinking (WTF?! why spend so much money on Manual mode) Putting everything in manual will let you experience how every variable affects the shot, take time to fiddle with each one (ISO, Shutter, Aperture, Flash strength, flash zoom, flash to subject distance, subject to background distance) and understand how the image will turn out. Also realize you can take the flash off the camera in order to move it closer to your subject

Hey BC- thank you for the very detailed response and the link.. Will def. make some good reading tonight

I knew about GN but never played with it much- I might try starting there:)
Thanks again!

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