Should Nikon be sued for non-acceptance of D600 spots issue?

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Nikon should sue nikulkarni..

nikulkarni wrote:

I called Nikon customer service and asked what they have been doing about the problem and is there a possibility of it getting fixed? The guy was not ready to acknowledge that this problem even exists. I do want to buy this camera, but now I am not buying because of this ignorance. He said that what you read are rumors and not the truth. We have no such complaints. Wow!

How many agree with Nikon CS and I want to ask the user how big is this an issue really? Should I buy this camera as the issue is really small or wait and buy a D800 instead. I need some advice.

The D800 has been widely reported to have issues as well. Who's to say you won't find a camera with issues in an even more expensive camera?
The D3x cameras out there don't have these issues. Go buy one of them.

It might be more appropriate to sue you in civil court for lost sales due to your statement here.

They could come up with a reasonable method of how many D600 cameras they would have sold if you didn't post this, say maybe just 40 units. Yeah, and then bill *YOU* for it.

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