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jeff hladun
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Re: Sorry but I do not agree

On the other hand Greg, zone focussing can yield results superior to autofocus. The thing I dislike about AF is that it doesn't allow the photographer to decide whether foreground or background elements of the picture are brought into play as secondary points of focussed interest. As well, zone focussing allows a quicker response time than AF under certain conditions, in that when the focus zone is pre-set, focus time is zero for the moment of taking.

I agree that AF can be the better solution at times, but for my particular shooting style zone focussing usually trumps AF. As a general statement, I'd say AF works best when the lens is wide open; zone focussing when it's stopped down.

Tongue-in-cheek, I could state that narrow depth-of-field is for sissies, but it is too close to Christmas for me to be put on Santa's "naughty" list! 

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