From 5D I — Would I be happy with the 6D?

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Re: From 5D I — Would I be happy with the 6D?

I've owned a second hand 5D classic for 2.5 years and just upgraded to the 6D a week ago - it was the answer to all my prayers
I personally had focus problems (5D's don't correct it)
The 6D is better in EVERY way. All the focus points are useful, you may find live view useful, or anything really.
It's faster, lighter, smaller, fits nicer in my hands, easier to navigate images (and a lot faster), the screen is BEAUTIFUL, the auto focus is perfectly accurate, the ISO performance is ASTOUNDING, the extra MP would probably help you (but file sizes go from the 5D being around 14mb to around 23mb on average).
If you can think of any gripes with the 5D, the 6D has improved on them, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in significant ways.
I'd highly recommend the upgrade 5DIII is only better at autofocus and more speed.
Oooh! and the quiet shutter function is really fun to use - it's noticeably quieter in the right situations.

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