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Buchanan wrote:

Concur with Gpapa's experiences. I used a 60D to shoot HS girls BB the past 2 seasons. As it's a 60D I always used single focus point (generally the center as it is the most effective) and AI servo. Most gyms were 6400 ISO, 2.8, 1/400 at best. 2 years back I used a 50-150 Sigma 2.8, last year the Canon 70-200L 2.8 IS II, and like Gpapa I have the 85 1.8 in reserve for the real dungeons.

This year I got a 5D3 and am enjoying it a lot. 5D3 has a lot more AF settings and focus point choices available. I like the AF settings and I do get more keepers now but I don't think the time to AF lock is any different. It is best to follow the target or at least get on target enough ahead of time to achieve lock, 60D or 5D3, or you are going to get a less than satisfactory picture. If I try to rush it and hurry the shot many times it is a problem. I also tried the expanded focus point settings and found I preferred to continue using a single point since a lot of the action is pretty crowded.

Maybe I am a victim of my own unrealistic expectations.  I shoot AI Servo, single point (generally center), follow my target (trying to hold point in middle of chest) and get a pretty high number of what I feel are keepers.  My frustration comes when I try to change subjects quickly due to the way a play unfolds.  In this situation the keeper rate understandably goes down quite a bit.

Like Gpapa discusses, I watch much of the game through the view finder while using my other eye to stay aware of the periphery.  Perhaps my technique is at fault... I am certainly guilty of rushing to the shutter in an effort to try not to "miss" the shot and this will definitely result in soft shots or worse.  I really do want close to "instantaneous" focus lock, and as good as the 60D can be I guess I was hoping the more advanced AF systems would get me closer to that goal.  I understand it can't be instantaneous, but if it can shave a few hundredths of a second off the time it takes to get lock, it would be noticeably better.

I really had no complaints about my 60D for sports (softball, VB, BB) other than 6400 was as high as I would take it. With the 5D3 ISO 12800 seems pretty much like the 60D 5000 or 6400 so now I am enjoying the higher shutter speeds (usually don't go over 8000 or 10000 but that is enough to get 1/500 to 1/800 now). One thing I haven't really worked out is with the FF my DOF is shallower than on the crop. At present I find myself shooting at 3.2 in order to get more of the player sharper.

I hadn't given consideration to the shallower DOF for the FF, that would certainly change my approach.  I agree with the comments about being limited by the 6400 ISO, and wonder how well the high ISO will be on a 7D successor (if it ever comes).  So now I have to wonder if the real solution to my dilemma not improving on my 60D AF sytem, but instead improving on its' high ISO.  If I could shoot 10,000 @ f/4, that would make for a big difference in the DOF which should lead to more in focus shots.  Am I correct in my thinking?

My question for you then is which would you prefer:  to shoot with 60D for another 6-12 months and wait for a 7D successor; buy a 7D (price is certainly right); get the 6D for high ISO thus being able to shoot smaller apertures and hope the AF is at least as good as the 60D; wait until you have enough $$$ for the 5DIII; or keep the 60D for indoors and pick up a 1DIII for outdoor sports/action shots?  I realize we hadn't mentioned the older 1D earlier, but thought I would throw it out there as a wildcard.



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