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Re: Considering K-5

Coming from the Fuji X10 which was my first 'serious' camera, I found the learning curve quite steep. (However, shortly after getting the K-5, I passed on the X10 to my daughter...).

My main concern about the K-5 is the menu. It's a mess. Why is the button customization option in the 'image' submenu? Why doesn't the menu remember where it was previously when you open it again? etc. If you read here the review of the X10 you'll find lots of critics about the menu. Well X10's menu is a breeze compared to K-5's.

Otherwise it's a great camera, great build, feels good and dependable in the hand. Beside the menu, all buttons and functions are neatly displayed. High ISO is surprisingly good but AF hunts a little in low light. Huge battery capacity. No quality issue so far. At the current price it's definitely a bargain.

I got several lenses: M28 f2.8, M50 f1.7, DAL55-300, DA35 f2.4 and found an old 135 f3.5 with screw mount.

M28 is just great. Contrast is a bit washed-off, but i don't mind that - it's just another way of composing a picture. Very easy to use.

M50 is great but hard to focus on large apertures. At f1.7 the DOF is only a few centimeters. I got an OVF magnifier, a split screen - still hard to focus. Otherwise if your subject is still (or patient) you can shoot great portraits with that lens.

I haven't figured out yet how to add flash fill-in with M lenses.

DA35 is fantastic on MF, AF is not so sharp. I need to look at fine AF adjustment i suppose. It doesn't feel like an M lens, it's just not the same pleasure - but that's the lens I use for 'important' pics, I mean the pics I cannot afford missing.

DA55-300 and M42 135: I had little use for such long focal so far so I'm not going to comment.

The kit lens is nice but I don't use it much given I have 3 primes that cover most of its range. I take the kit zoom when I don't want to lug more than one lens, when the weather sucks or when I need a wider FOV.

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