Stingless Sugarbag Bee - Native to Oz

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Re: Stingless Sugarbag Bee - Native to Oz

Wonderful shots Mark. I love the look of these images.

I didn't realise you didn't use RAW. So for yourself and @kiwigirl I'll just say what I found. There are 2 main reasons I've found RAW and advantage with macro. Firstly you can recovered quite a bit more highlight detail. With my heaviest flash diffusion I've recovered shots over 2 stops over-exposed, with no blown highlights. Lightroom 4 is now awesome for recovering highlights. Secondly the white balanced isn't fixed.

However, at the end of the day it's just about using what you feel comfortable with. So I was just telling you what I found not what to do.

The other thing I've found is that Topaz DeNoise is even better at removing noise and leaving the detail than Neat Image. I always used to use Neat Image but I found that DeNoise was better. At times it's a bit uncanny how it manages to remove the noise and leave even fine detail behind. However, DeNoise only works as a plugin. It's available free on a 30 day trial if you want to try it.

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