What I don't like with LX7 LX5 etc

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What I don't like with LX7 LX5 etc

Though I like the LX7, I wanted to rant on some of the things that would have made the LX7 a near perfect camera (to me atleast).

1) The biggest thing to me is the mutual exclusiveness of auto-bracketing and the self timer. There is a different thread on this. You cannot leave it on a tripod and use the timer so that the camera becomes shake free before firing the bracketed shots. Added to this is the absence of a remote shutter release, this is really disappointing.

2) The short 15 second (no option to change it) window for you in review mode before the lens will retract. I tend to review my shots for a bit, pan, zoom in/out, compare it with the previous shot etc and easily pass the 15 sec limit. It ends up being whirr whirr whirr the lens retracting and extending back and forth, and very irksome. I do not see how/why a 15 sec window might be better than a 30 sec or 1 min in terms of design or saving power or the like. This motor going back and forth will probably do more bad than good, reduce battery life and add wear.

The canons seem to have a 1 min retract timer which is much better IMO. The older TZ4 too seems to have a 15s window. May be they started implementing this from that time frame onwards (I do not see it on the older ones like the LZ7, TZ1).

The rest below are minor.

3) Not a big complaint, but only 2 or 10 seconds for a timer seems either too small or too big - especially for tripod (cheap ones) shots. Even a cheap canon provides a custom option with delay and number of shots.

4) The step zoom in review mode - 2x/4x/8x/16x, requiring you to press, press, press the zoom lever. Again the canons have a continuous zoom you hold the lever and it smoothly zooms in and out. Feels a lot better when you do that.

5) This applies to the LX5. Want a sticky timer. When you set the timer option for a shot, it holds good only for that shot. If I am doing a series of shots all of them requiring the timer, I have to set it each time. Again the canons win here.

6) The menu options, I wish they at least showed a text/title of what it is instead of just a icon in some case, and where possible a small on screen info on what it is (so you do not have to read the manual from start to finish).

These if right would make it perfect for me and not carry any other camera. I wish Panasonic can hear some of this. Having said these, if canon gave me a 1/1.4-2.3 bright lens like this I would gladly camp there (needless to say the joy having CHDK as well).

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