The 75 f1.8 is too long for Street! Isn't it? Is it?

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Re: The 75 f1.8 is too long for Street! Isn't it? Is it?

Trully excellent.

I also like street "portraits" with teles.

But beware, many will bash you for using the "TELE" antichrist.

They will tell you (as they did with me even in this forum, and others) that you approach voyeurism, you are a sniper, you don´t interact with the subject, you peep your indefense victims, that it is not street photography........

Have been away in the forums because of this.

But what matters to photographers is the quality of the images you can get with them, and I am debating wether to switch to m43 again only because of this lens.


Here are examples of my street portraits with longish lenses.

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