D800E: I thought my JPGs were good...

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D800E: I thought my JPGs were good...

I was the photographer for my dad's 80th bday bash.  I took about 200-300 pictures in JPG FINE+RAW.  I used flash and no flash (with high iso) throughout the night.

When I got home I quickly looked at the pictures and was amazed at how many of the pictures came out clear with great details.  I was happy with the images and called it a night.

I recently upgraded from LR 3.X to 4.2 (and now 4.3).  There was two JPGs that were a little dark in the facial area of my subjects.  I imported all my pictures into LR.  I just hate when I view the pictures and see vibrant colors only for LR to apply is Adobe Standard profile.  All the vibrance disappear and the picture looks sort of plain and a tad washed out.  That's to be expected because RAW is unprocessed while JPGs are.  Why LR shows the JPG first then switches to RAW? I don't know.

In anycase, I go to fix the two pictures that had dark subjects and I noticed the pictures now look well exposed.  Then I applied Adobe Portrait profile and the skins look more natural so I saved it in JPG and realize it's actually pretty good.

I ended up apply to all the RAW images the Adobe Portrait profile and saved it in JPG and compared the two sets of JPGS and in all cases, the JPGs from the RAW files look superior.  In fact, in all the JPGs from RAW pictures you see an astonishing amount of details in the background you could either not see or barely see in the stock JPGs.

I concluded that the JPGs created from the RAW file with the Adobe Portrait profile is much better than the stock out of camera JPGs.  I ended up changing my mind about the stock JPG.  I thought they were great, but now they are mediocre, dark, and do not have much details.

I've been reading about the general conscientious that the Nikon in camera JPG isn't that great.  The JPG engine in the Canon 5DM3 is so much better that high ISO pics looks so better on the 5DM3 than on the Nikon, but if you compare the RAW the images they are on par with the edge to the Nikon.

I'll try to post some samples this weekend.  Anyone run into the same observations about the Nikon JPG (or jpg engine)?



Canon EOS 5D Nikon D800E
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